Laravel Framework Examples

Laravel Framework Examples

Laravel is an elegant open-source PHP framework that makes development a more creative and pleasant experience. It provides a high level of readability for the back-end foundation and is a good fit for some front-end tasks. 


Advantages of Laravel

On the development side, Laravel is easy to learn and navigate. That’s why teams choose it among other options. Sometimes it’s up to 35% faster to develop things with this framework. But it is nothing compared to the contribution made to the final product. 

Laravel provides:

  • Fast time-to-market;
  • Cross-platform integrations;
  • Security;
  • Automated testing;
  • Friendliness to any design;
  • Advanced multilanguage capabilities;
  • Flawless maintenance.

    Many high-traffic websites already enjoy their flexible, responsive, and user-oriented websites. Let’s check them out!

    Excellent Laravel Websites



    Big portals like iHerb need to store an extensive user database, including people from multiple countries and language backgrounds. Enhanced user authorization and secure transactions are the key factors in making a purchase when it comes to online shopping. 

    No surprise, iHerb, the most significant health and wellness products provider, chooses Laravel to make their goods accessible for users in more than 185 countries all over the globe.


    2_Vogue Large.png

    Imagine the amount of content Vogue has produced and stored from 1892 to today. Even more, imagine how vital it is to catch users’ eyes with the best visuals possible in the spoiled fashion world.

    With advanced memory management, which happens automatically, it is possible! 



    Same here, StarTribune, a media company that covers daily life in Minnesota, needs high performance when maintaining vast content and the database of magazine subscribers. As a media, they need to be urgent and available anytime.



    Websites operating with multimedia also benefit from Laravel. Stitcher, a podcast management platform, keeps its load speed and overall performance uninterrupted on web and mobile devices.

    The Student Doctor Network

    5_The Student Doctor Network.png

    The Student Doctor Network is a large portal that supports prospective medical students in reaching their academic goals. It is an excellent example of how Laravel can satisfy individual UI needs by letting developers implement unique interactive elements, such as an Application Assistant, Cost Calculator, and Study Schedule.

    Vanity Fair

    6_Vanity Fair Large.png

    Yet another big media going for Laravel? We see a pattern! Vanity Fair is a subscriber-only benefit platform. They don’t need interruptions in managing their primary asset, the user database.


    7_Variety 2 Large.png

    Not destroying the pattern, we have Variety, one of the most authoritative and respected business media throughout the world. Their distribution encompasses mobile, social, digital, print, and offline events.


    8_Vivint Large.png

    Another type of website mainly relying on new and recurrent activities from the users is the online store. Vivint, an award-winning IoT system, serves packages of devices to help people take complete control of their homes.

    Technology is not the last word for the producer, which speaks for their framework choice!

    Keokuk County Iowa

    9_Keokuk County Iowa Large.png

    Keokuk County Iowa website provides citizen access to all the vital district units. One unique feature of the website is its inclusiveness, which offers the necessary responsiveness for users with disabilities.

    Built with Laravel, it allows users to turn on the screen reader, change contrast and font size, use dyslexia-friendly mode, and pause distracting animations.



    Barcart developers have done an excellent job building real-time dashboards with stocks, currencies, and investing opportunity data. Individual investors come to the platform daily to perform secure trading and get the most out of their investments.

    It is an exceptional skill to match UI expectations and development capabilities to generate sophisticated, constantly updating visualizations. Laravel brings teams together and removes obstacles in communicating how UI should look and behave.

    Planning to Go for Laravel?

    Opting for Laravel relieves the development team and the client for many reasons. Among them is the possibility of implementing a dream design, integrating sophisticated marketing channels, automated monitoring of potential threats, and more.

    At Tonsetech, we cherish our Laravel team and always know what kind of requirements will perfectly match the framework. In any case, if you want to have an infrastructure that is as manageable as the UI, Laravel is the best option!

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