Chat GPT vs Bard : The must read for future of AI and search

Chat GPT vs Bard : The must read for future of AI and search

Chat GPT vs Bard: What to expect

Chat GPT vs Google Bard AI: Recently, Google announced its AI Chat service, Bard, a direct competition to Open AI’s Chat GPT. Bard is currently in the testing phase and will be rolled out to the general public in the coming weeks.

GPT has been used for writing emails, developing codes, and doing assignments, among other things. There is an ongoing debate on the ethical usage of Chat GPT, however, no concrete conclusion has been reached. 

Amid the debate on the increasing usage of Artificial Intelligence, search engine giant Google has announced its own language-based conversational AI, Bard. Bard is believed to be a direct competitor to Chat GPT and in this article, we will look at the differences between Google’s Bard and Open AI’s Chat GPT. 


What is Chat GPT? 

Chat GPT is a large-scale language generation model that is trained to generate human-like text. It can be fine-tuned for various natural languages processing tasks, such as question answering, translation, and text summarization. GPT is known for its ability to generate coherent and contextually relevant text, but it can also be prone to generating biased or nonsensical text.

What is Google Bard?

Google Bard is a conversational AI developed by Google and powered by LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). With the AI chatbot, Bard, Google aims to combine the depth of human knowledge with the strength, wit, and inventiveness of its massive language models. Bard will use the plethora of data available on the internet to deliver original and accurate answers. Bard is currently in the testing phase and will be made accessible to the public in the coming weeks. 

Chat GPT Vs Google Bard

Though both Bard and Chat GPT are language-based conversational AI models, there are key differences in their design and intended use.

  • Bard will draw information from the data and sources already available on the internet. While Chat GPT’s knowledge is limited to the events till 2021, Bard will have access to the latest date and will be able to provide more fresh information. 
  • Bard, in addition to being integrated with Google's search engine, will have access to a multitude of data, giving it an edge over Chat GPT, which is backed by Microsoft.
  • While Chat GPT is prone to providing some factual errors and making up stuff, Google’s Bard AI is believed to provide more accurate data to the users. 
  • Bard AI has an advantage over other AI platforms, such as Chat GPT, in terms of the depth and range of information it can access thanks to Google's enormous data collection. 
  • Bard will be able to distill difficult subjects into digestible, chitchat-worthy chunks. The goal is to spread knowledge more widely in a manner that is clear and can encourage learning in everyone, including kids. Whereas, Chat GPT creates content in response to the text prompt.


Bard AI is not accessible to the public yet, however, its potential is enormous. There is going to be a battle of AIs in the coming future and it remains to be seen, which AI model will emerge at the top. The implementation of AI has already begun transforming the way we live and work, with virtual personal assistants and smart home devices becoming increasingly common. Despite these advancements, the use of AI remains a controversial topic, with concerns about job displacement and ethical implications. As such, it is important for organizations to carefully consider the benefits and risks of AI usage, and to implement these technologies in a responsible and transparent manner.

Tonsetech Take : With data the strength of Google over all their years at search , you cant teach what you don't know. In that context we expect the Bard to outshine any competitor. Period.

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