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Ashas Charity Box

Ashas Charity Box

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Introducing the ultimate solution for your iftar charity needs: Asha’s iftar meal at an unbeatable price of just 12 AED! Celebrate the spirit of Ramadan with a feast that's both delicious and budget-friendly. Our carefully curated meal is designed to satisfy your cravings and nourish your body during this blessed month.

What's in the Ashas Iftar Meal:

1. Dates: Begin your iftar on a sweet note with succulent dates, a traditional symbol of Ramadan's breaking of the fast. Indulge in the natural sweetness that dates offer, providing you with an instant energy boost and essential nutrients to replenish your body after a day of fasting.

2. Mixed Fruits:Refresh and rejuvenate with our assortment of fresh mixed fruits. Bursting with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, our fruit selection is the perfect complement to your iftar spread. Enjoy the vibrant flavors and textures as you nourish your body with nature's bounty.

3. Chicken Biryani:Dive into a flavorful journey with our aromatic chicken biryani, expertly crafted to tantalize your taste buds. Made with fragrant basmati rice, tender chicken pieces, and a blend of signature spices, our biryani promises to be a highlight of your iftar meal. Each bite is a symphony of flavors that will leave you craving for more.

4. Raita:Cool down the spice and add a creamy touch to your biryani with our refreshing raita. Made with creamy yogurt and infused with herbs and spices, our raita provides the perfect balance to your savory meal. It's the ideal accompaniment to soothe your palate and enhance your dining experience.

Pickup and Distribution Options:

Ashas understands the importance of convenience, especially during Ramadan. That's why we offer flexible pickup and distribution options to suit your schedule and preferences. Whether you're in Saudi Arabia or the UAE, Ashas  iftar meal is easy and hassle-free.


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