RFID for attendance management in schools?

RFID for attendance management in schools?

RFID attendance management system has been effectively used in IT and Transportation industries since last few years. The RFID tracking system is based on tracking of radio waves which are generated from the RFID chips/tags installed in products, vehicles or ID cards. The RFID tracker can easily track the radio frequency and estimate the exact location.

Most schools are still following the manual attendance management system, and thus facing problems in managing accurate attendance. This is not acceptable in the era of technological advancement where time is so precious and technology can provide quick and easy solutions.

Problems associated with traditional attendance management system which makes it unacceptable -

  • It takes a very long time to take attendance of all the students who are on the school premises
  • Still chances are that after giving attendance, the student may go out of the school premises, which is difficult to detect. This weakens the school safety system.
  • Not only the students, the same thing can happen with the teachers also. Without any reliable tracking system, chances are that they can come and go anytime.

In order to restrict such activities and enhance safety, RFID tracking system is introduced in school attendance management. RFID school attendance management system provides a trustworthy alternative to the manual school attendance management system by providing a secure, robust, and an automatic tracking system for both students and teachers/staff.

How can RFID be effectively used in school attendance management system? -

To enable the RFID tracking system the first thing that the schools need to do is to install the RFID devices at the school entry gates, classroom gates and the restricted areas. The second essential thing is to install RFID chips in the ID cards.

  • Accurate attendance tracking: As soon as the student/teachers enter the school gate or classroom gates, their attendance will be marked. There is no need to show the card to the reader, no need of taking attendance manually. This greatly reduces the workload and effectively maintains an accurate, redundancy free attendance report on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. By using RFID tracking solution teachers can also easily calculate the time which each student has spent in the classroom, which is a crucial thing to keep track of.


  • Leave calculation: It automatically calculates the leaves taken by students, and so is helpful towards analyzing student performance.


  • Access control: By installing RFID readers in the restricted areas you can easily authorize access control, monitor student movement and improve the security. Chances of any mishaps reduce; student causing mischief and bunking classes can be controlled.
  • Notifications: As soon as the student enters the school gate, parents will get notified, which will ensure the safety of the students and give assurance to parents. Similarly at the time when the students leave school, a notification will be sent to the parents via SMS or email, so that parents can be informed regarding the whereabouts of their children and do not worry about them.
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